NurseTabs Pharmacology

NurseTabs: Pharmacology has been designed by nursing pharmacology faculty to streamline the need-to-know information used by nurses in the clinical setting. It is meant to be a tool that supplements classroom learning and enhances critical thinking. It has been intentionally created to NOT be a drug guide with an overabundance of drug details suited for fields other than the nursing profession. The purpose of NurseTabs: Pharmacology is to provide the nursing student with essential components of pharmacological therapy and enhance the student's ability to retain important categorical drug information. This app highlights most common side effects and adverse reactions and focuses on encouraging nurses and nursing students to use their skills of assessment and teaching to safely administer drugs.

In addition this app is designed for the nursing student or beginning nurse to help learn concepts of pharmacology. It is organized by body system and by major drug categories. By learning common drug categories, the nurse can begin to recognize common considerations about all drugs within those categories. This may help enhance performance on the NCLEX licensure exam and will help nurses to recognize major considerations for each category. Each category of drugs is explained in simple terms using the nursing process. Included are common side effects, adverse reactions, rationale for use, nursing assessments, teaching, and drug names associated with each category. There is a search tab to look up over 200 drug categories and over 1775 individual drug names that might be used in various healthcare settings. Additional features include an extensive list of alternative agents and what they might be used for, pharmacology terminology that is necessary to understand how drugs work , common intravenous medications with information on how long to infuse over, step-by-step approach for calculations (oral, IM, IV, IVPB), and common conversions.

  • Search by body system, category, or individual drug names
  • Side effects
  • Adverse reactions
  • Teaching
  • Nursing considerations
  • Drug names
  • General information about the category and mechanism of action
  • Important Nursing assessments
  • Pharmacology Terminology
  • IV Push suggested minimum infusion times
  • Common conversions
  • Step-by-step approach to solving drug calculations
  • Over 1775 drug names
  • Over 200 drug categories
  • Easy to find icons for each body system
  • Over 80 alternative agents with associated uses

Please Note**** As a way to truly connect with our customers, we at NurseTabs would appreciate it if any critical concerns, complaints or inquiry could be sent to us at our support email rather than as a user review. Our goal is to improve our apps whenever possible via free updates. This method allows us to improve when possible and explain intentions of the application as necessary. If you are still unhappy once a response is sent we welcome you to provide the review you so desire. We are passionate about helping student nurses and value the opinions you can provide to allow us to do it better. Sincere Thanks-NurseTabs

Disclaimer: This reference is not intended to substitute for nursing education, texts, and other resources utilized by institutions and facilities to educate students and/ or facilitate safe client care. Due to the sensitive nature of medical and nursing references, this information may consistently need to be changed, supplemented, and updated to reflect current evidence based practice and medical/ nursing research. It does not contain every single aspect related to drug therapy. Variations in client genetics, comorbidities, physical assessment findings, diagnoses, and symptoms may alter the way each drug works with each client. This app is not intended to substitute for care provided by health care professionals.


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