Faculty Resources: Endocrine

The following are a collection of resources, including videos, exercises, case studies, and web sites, to enhance student learning of basic principles associated with common Endocrine System alterations. These resources do not substitute for class activities and are not intended to help a person self-diagnose. Persons with symptoms should consult with a doctor or go to the emergency room. Every attempt has been made to credit the resources appropriately through a works cited section. This list, or any portions of this list, can not be copied unless permission is obtained from the author of NurseTabs and creator of NurseTabs facebook page.

  • Diabetes

    Hyperlink to Diabetes

    Great website. Has "Look, Listen, & Feel" technology that allows you to see animations of how sugar is utilized by the body and insulin's role in that utilization. Also has great resources to educate the patient who is newly diagnosed with diabetes. (GlaxoSmithKline, 1997-2010)
  • Diabetes Risk Calculator

    Hyperlink to Diabetes Risk Calculator

    A risk calculator to determine risk for type 2 Diabetes. (American Diabetes Association, 1995-2010)
  • American Diabetic Association

    Hyperlink to American Diabetic Association

    Great website to refer patients to or to learn the basics of diabetes. (American Diabetes Association, 1995-2010)
  • The Diabetic Dog Game

    Hyperlink to Diabetes Tutorial

    Take care of your very own Diabetic dog! Sign up and care for a dog including exercising him, feeding him, and administering him insulin. Earn money for caring for him properly which can be used to purchase additional foods and items for your dog. (Nobel Foundation, 2012)
  • Diabetes Tutorial

    Hyperlink to Diabetes Tutorial

    An interactive tutorial that provides education on diabetes. (American Diabetes Association, 1995-2010)
  • Understanding Diabetes (Diabetes #1)

    Hyperlink to Diabetes #1

    Discusses diabetes in the body. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Type 1 Diabetes Treatment (Diabetes #5)

    Hyperlink to Diabtetes #5

    Video that goes through treatment for Type 1 Diabetes. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Consequences of Diabetes (Diabetes #3)

    Hyperlink to Diabetes #3

    Discusses what happens in the body due to poorly controlled diabetes. (Illumistream, 2008)
  • Symptoms of Diabetes (Diabetes #2)

    Hyperlink to Diabetes #2

    Discusses signs and symptoms of Diabetes. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Pre-Diabetes (Diabetes #4)

    Hyperlink to Diabetes #4

    Discusses Pre-diabetes and its indicators. (Illumistream, 2008)
  • How the Body Works: The Pancreas

    Hyperlink to The Pancreas

    Discusses how the pancreas works to maintain homeostasis in the body. (dizzo95, 2007)
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