Faculty Resources: Pharmacology

The following are a collection of resources, including videos, exercises, case studies, and web sites, to enhance student learning of basic principles associated with nursing Pharmacology. These resources do not substitute for class activities and are not intended to help a person self-diagnose. Persons with symptoms should consult with a doctor or go to the emergency room. Every attempt has been made to credit the resources appropriately through a works cited section. This list, or any portions of this list, can not be copied unless permission is obtained from the author of NurseTabs and creator of NurseTabs facebook page.

  • Drug Calculations Quiz Page

    Hyperlink to Drug Calculations Quiz Page

    A site with four free quizzes to test your knowledge on dosage calculations. (Lakeman, 2010)
  • Dosage Calculations

    Hyperlink to Dosage Calculations

    An interactive tutorial that helps students learn step-by-step dosage calculations. (DosageHelp, 2012)
  • MedCalc tutorial

    Hyperlink to MedCalc Tutorial

    An interactive tutorial that helps students learn dosage calculations. (Hansen, 2009)
  • Prescription Drug Videos

    Hyperlink to Prescription Drug Videos

    Videos of many different drugs and how they work in the body. (FullTurn Media, Inc., 2008-2010)
  • Medline Plus Drug Information

    Hyperlink to Medline Plus Drug Information

    A useful site to get baseline information about drugs. Search by generic or trade name. Also includes herbal and alternative agents!
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