Faculty Resources: Respiratory

The following are a collection of resources, including videos, exercises, case studies, and web sites, to enhance student learning of basic principles associated with common respiratory alterations. These resources do not substitute for class activities and are not intended to help a person self-diagnose. Persons with respiratory symptoms are urged to consult with a doctor or go to the emergency room. Every attempt has been made to credit the resources appropriately through a works cited section. This note, or any portions of this note, can not be copied unless permission is obtained from the author of NurseTabs and creator of NurseTabs facebook page.

  • Respiratory System

    Hyperlink to Respiratory System

    Animated respiratory system with external respiration. (Parkinson, 2007)
  • How the Body Works: Microanatomy of the Lungs

    Hyperlink to How the body works: Microanatomy of the lungs

    Presented here is the microanatomy of the lungs and its components. (Dizzo95, 2007)
  • Case Study

    Hyperlink to Breathing Case Study

    Short, interactive respiratory case study! (St. Petersburg College, unknown)
  • Asthma Video Provided by Dustmitex.com

    Hyperlink to Asthma Video

    Excellent video on patient education and Asthma. (Dustmitex, 2007)
  • Case Study on emphysema

    Hyperlink to Emphysema Case Study

    Short, interactive respiratory case study! (St. Petersburg College, Unknown)
  • Understanding Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD#1)

    Hyperlink to COPD #1

    Covers the basics of COPD. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD #2)

    Hyperlink to COPD #2

    Covers treatment of COPD. (Illumistream, 2008)
  • Understanding Asthma (Asthma #1)

    Hyperlink to Asthma #1

    Basic Information about this chronic condition. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Treating Asthma (Asthma #2)

    Hyperlink to Asthma #2

    Discusses treatment options to help sufferers lead active lives. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Preventing an asthma attack (Asthma #3)

    Hyperlink to Asthma #3

    Ways to avoid asthma exacerbations. (Illumistream, 2008)
  • Childhood asthma (Asthma #4)

    Hyperlink to Asthma #4

    Discusses asthma with an onset in childhood. (Illumistream, 2007)
  • Exercise and asthma (Asthma #5)

    Hyperlink to Asthma #5

    Discusses ways to encourage active lifestyles in asthma sufferers. (Illumistream, 2008)
  • What is Pneumonia ? animation

    Hyperlink to Pneumonia Animation

    Animation of Pneumonia in the lungs. (dizzo95, 2007)
  • Pulmonology Channel

    Hyperlink to Pulmonology Channel

    Discusses common conditions affecting the airway and the lungs. (Healthcommunities.com, Inc., 1998-2010)
  • Auscultation Assistant

    Hyperlink to Auscultation Assistant

    The Auscultation Assistant provides heart sounds, heart murmurs, and breath sounds in order to help medical students and others improve their physical diagnosis skills. (Cable, 1997)
  • McGill Stethoscope

    Hyperlink to McGill Stethoscope

    A resource that allows you to hear normal and abnormal lung and heart sounds. (McGill University, 1998)
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