Testimonials: NurseTabs - Fundamentals

“Have all three now! Y'all do a great job of keeping the focus without messing around with complicating things. I've seen others that miss the point of helping us learn this stuff and look to impress with unnecessary graphics. Just wish I had this one when I took Fundamentals.”

“After reviewing the fundamentals App, it is much needed in this world of quick knowledge, it is efficient in its use and very user friendly. Trust me, I download Apps all day long, some to buy and some to try. This one is worth the cost.”

“I wish I had this app during fundamentals. This app is perfect for learning shift assessment and makes it easy to understand how to assess lung sounds and bowel sounds. The other two apps (pharm and med/surg) are also great to have in clinicals! Thanks NurseTabs!”

“Great app for nursing students!”

“I love having this new app for my med/surg rotation. It will definitely come in handy.”

“I love the idea of this app. Some good content for quick reference. However, the one item I went directly to when I first opened the app is blank. Going to Assessments> Head-to-Toe Assessment> All produces a blank screen. Some other grammatical errors; minor issue, but for $10 I expect top-notch.” (We fixed the examples of problems mentioned above with an immediate update! We expect top-notch too :) )