Testimonials: NurseTabs - Pharmacology

“Very useful and Handy- especially when you need to look up information fast. Worth every penny. Loved it!”

“Absolutely love not carrying a pharmacology book around for basic information on Medications”

“As a beginning nursing student this app is invaluable to me. Anytime I need a quick reference for a drug, I can just pull out my phone and find out what I need to know. It separates drugs by body system and has an easy search feature. The drugs have nursing considerations, common side effects, adverse reactions and client teaching. This is a phenomenal app to have for beginning nursing students, especially for a program that doesn't have a separate Pharmacology course.”

“LOVE IT!!! I wish I would have had it during Pharm!!! Will be very helpful for clinical and future NCLEX testing!!!!”

“I am a nursing student and think this app is fabulous- it's simplified and gives you the most pertinent information!! It's easily understandable and makes sense. If I need more in depth I'd get my drug book, but this app is great for going over what I need to know for NCLEX and tests!!! Thank you!!!”

“I bought the first NurseTabs app and use it all the time. This one has surpassed it in that it is the first pharm app that focuses on pharm in the way we are taught as nursing students instead of the typical pharm handbook. I've had it for just a couple days and I already love it!!! Recommend to all nursing students.”

“Great app for the nursing student. Simple and easy to understand. Would be a five star if brand name were next to generic.” (NurseTabs soon incorporated this recommendation on an update)

“I first bought NurseTabs (MedSurg) which should be named every care plan made easy or everything a nursing student needs to know! It made my life so much easier. We are now starting drug therapy and as a student having the pharmacological version in my pocket at all times is priceless!!! I have tries many medical/ nursing apps to find out later they require membership (more money) then they don't help or you must be a rocket scientist to understand the terminology!”

“Anyone in Pharmacology should be using this app, it's just perfect for basic study or getting ready for a test! 5 stars.”